Ned Cancelmo


Mike Campbell

Vice President

Robert Greulich, CPA


Nancy Small


Mary Claire Cancelmo

Philanthropy/Fundraising Co-Chair

Suzanne M. Carter, Esq.


Joe Cosentino, CPA

Corporate Outreach

Faye Gregory-Yuppa

HD Caregiver Advocate

Karen Petrin

HD Long-Term Care Community

Jeannine R. Roland

Volunteer Co-Chairperson

Daniel Schneider, MD MA

HD Physician Community

Stacey Waterman, Ph.D.

Community Outreach & Public Speaking Emissary

Corlynn Hullfish, LCSW

HD Social Services

If you are interested in joining the HuntiDiseases Diease Society of America, New Jersey Chapter's Board of Directors, please submit a resume and cover letter to:

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